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May 11th Adrian Finley

For march we have Adrian Finley, Adrian demo willl be carving on a turned bowl, some leaves and possible some chip carving, now that sounds interesting… Open the post to see some of his work…. and the competition will be for a lidded box.

13th July – 4\5 lathes

For July we have a new format for the demo, we will have 4 or five lathes in operation with turners doing all sorts of different projects….. sounds interesting , come along! The competition will be for a YoYo!

10th August, BBQ & John Malone

for Augest we will have our customary BBQ, Mmmmm I can taste that smell already! There will be plenty of shavings to add to the coals to get that smokey taste when John Malone gives the demo. The competition is open, so here is your opportunity to turn a burger?

October, November, December

To see out the final months with no expense spared we have lined up three fantastic demonstrators, one even comes from the north pole! October——Frank Fitzpatrick November—Kieran Reynolds December—Santa Joe