February, Donal Ryan

For our January meeting we were pleased to welcome Donal Ryan, the well-known woodturner from Tipperary, as our guest demonstrator. Donal who works mostly in native timbers, choose for his demonstration, a lidded bowl with finial, one of his signature pieces.  Before Donal commenced, he passed around some of his work, mostly bowls in different timbers some of which were turned when green and had distorted giving them a stone like look, very unusual I thought.

For the demonstration Donal had prepared a partly turned bowl and lid in ash and the bowel he mounted on the lathe using a jig in the chuck supported with a live centre. He proceeded to true this up and shape the outer line and when satisfied reversed the piece on the lathe and began to work the inside. Checking the wall thickness as he went Donal hollowed the inside, finishing with a negative edged scraper and then with a parting tool, cut a rebate to take the lid. Donal now worked on the lid checking the fit as he went along and when happy with that turned the finial which he uses a dark wood like ebony or blackwood.

The photos I have included show how beautiful and artistic these pieces are, thank you Donal for showing us how you can turn a dead block of wood into something so pleasing!