Newsletter! Need Your Help!

Hello guys and gal I thought it might be a good idea to keep everybody in our chapter in touch with each other as I think it may be some months before we can get together as a group.

My idea is to put up on the website a newsletter say every couple of weeks with material from you all, like some tips on turning or any allied craft, a joke or two (printable ones) maybe something you are working on (with photos perhap?) even ideas on the future of our chapter, suggestions on what you would like to see done to generate improvements, you get the idea, anything you think might be of interest or of help to us all.

The idea would be you send your stuff to me and I would sort it and get it up on the site. How this works will depend on you guys having some input, big or small, anyway let’s give it a go and see what happens.

Regards Pat.

pat.gannon @ hotmail .com