December 2014

Hello again we had a good attendance at our final meeting of the year, including a new member and quite a few guests, all very welcome. The meeting started with our AGM which was deferred from November and we heard the reports from Chris Hayes chairman, Francis Corr treasurer, and Des Harborne secretary, the committee were then re-elected unopposed. The one change was Chris Hayes taking the position of treasurer and Francis Corr taking the position of chairman, a change around. That out of the way we greeted our guest demonstrator Joe O`Neill, now Joe as most know is a class act ,a joke a minute, I don’t know how he keeps it up but he has us all smiling for the rest of the afternoon.IMG_2372 IMG_2374

He started off with a chat on safety which we all need to be reminded about from time to time, about the use of eye and face protection and wearing of loose clothes when using any machinery.
He now started the demo which was about useful household items and first was a simple file for holding receipts or bills. This was a wooden disk of about 150mm in diameter with a spike of wire through the centre on which you pierce the papers and it keeps them tidy. The next was some jar lids turned from sycamore which fit on top of the metal lids of glass jars making them easier to open, these are decorated and coloured to your own design.
This took us to the break and Tom Gibson,


adorned with a festive hat, was ready with some very tasty refreshments like cocktail sausages, roasted chicken pieces and mince pies which were quickly scoffed. Well done Tom, by the way the hat really suited you.
Now came the presentation of the trophy and prize to the overall winner of our monthly competition and that went to Jim Hynes, second was Jack O Rourk and third was Cecil Barron, well done all.
Next we had a raffle for some very good prizes that the members had contributed and when that finished we went back to watch Joe complete his demonstration.

With all that had been going on Joe only had time to do one more piece which was a Christmas tree decoration, I won’t try to describe it as there is a photo.  Thank you Joe for a very entertaining demonstration.
Finally to the winner of the December competition and that went to Chris Hayes, second was Jack O Rourk and third was Jim Hynes.
I will sign off by wishing all our members a very happy Christmas and a happy new year and look forward to seeing you all in January.
Pat Gannon