August 2015

Hello again. This month we had a different format to our meeting, instead of having a guest demonstrator we had a sort of a workshop with several lathes on the floor and everybody invited to have a go and show off their skills. I found this very interesting as I was able to go around and ask some of the more experienced guys about such things as their preferred or favourite tools as they worked. I also got some good advice and tips from Cecil Barron on finishes and the ones he likes to use on different timbers. None of our members were shy at getting behind a lathe, Francis Corr on one side working on a laminated bowl (at one stage I thought it was a Frisbee he was turning) and Jim Hynes in another corner trying cuts with different gouges, I kept a close eye on Jim, hoping some of his skill would rub off on me. Jack O`Rourke was showing a young visitor the working of a lathe and the tools involved and Cecil Barron demonstrated the scorching of wood for decorative purposes with a piece of hardwood or wire.

Ciara Dowling brought along her Pyrography kit, showing how it is done and allowing everybody to have a try, a nice addition to woodturning skills.

I don’t know what other members think but I found it quiet an interesting day, perhaps it could be developed and have more focused demonstrations by our more experienced members.

Now to our monthly competition, firstly to say the number of entries have been very poor lately, I know we have got some very good turners in the chapter who perhaps have got a bit lazy and maybe some who think they are not good enough, but for me, taking part in everything is what been a member is all about, so come on lads let’s see the table full next month and make the competition secretary (I think that’s his title) earn his keep.

The competition winners are as follows. 1st Jim Hynes 2nd Ciara Dowling 3rd Tom Murphy.

That’s it for this month, I am looking forward to the next meet and hopefully see lots of our members turn up, so get those lathes buzzing and work safe.

Pat Gannon

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