Below is a our collection of books and DVDs on woodwork which our members can borrow at our monthly meetings. Although many of these were purchased others are donations from present or past supporters members of the chapter. Our New books are highlighted in bold



Pen Making Joe O’Neill
Wall clock Alan Holtham
Spindle turning Tobias Kaye
Mastering woodturning Glen Lucas
Wood-machining Roy Sutton
Routing Roy Sutton
Restoring priority woodland Coillte
Jointcutting with the router Jeremy Broun
Introduction to pen turning Turners retreat
Maximise your router skills Ken Burton
Polyester resin pendant Sue Harker
Turning acrylic materials Barry Gross
Wall clock Alan Holtham
Turnaround New Jimmy Clewes
Stay Sharp (A study in sharpening) New Mick Hanbury
Northwest Woodturners New N.W Woodturners
Heirlooms ( Making things that last) New Mike Mahony
Turning acrylic materials New Barry Gross


Multi centre woodturning New Ray Hopper
The frugal woodturner New Ernie Conover
Woodturning design New Derek Hayes
Fixtures & chucks New Doc. Green
Turned boxes 50 designs New Chris Stott
Woodturning trickery New David Springett
Weekend woodturning projects New Mark Baker
Woodturning christmas ornaments New Dale L. Nish
Turning wooden toys New Terry Laurance
Beneath the bark K. Christensen
Contemporary woodturning New Nick Arnul
Small woodturning projects New Bonny Kline
Sainsbury’s woodturning projects for dining John Sainsbury
Award winning designs for woodturners A / G Bridgwater
Artistic woodturning Dale L. Nish
The lathe book Ernie Conover
Practical woodturner F. Pain
Shapes for woodturners Dave Weldon
Pleasure & profit from woodturning Reg Sherwin
Turning wooden toys Terry Laurence
Carving on turnings Chris Pye
Decorating turned wood Liz / M. O’Donnell
The complete spindle turner Hugh O’Neill
Turning wood Richard Raffen
Bowl turning techniques master-class Tony Baise
Spindle turning best from woodturning mag. Woodturning Mag.
Turning wood Richard Raffen
Pen turners workbook Barry Gross
Turning wooden toys Terry Laurance
Illustrated woodturning techniques John Hunnex
Woodturning a source book of shapes John Hunnex
Woodturning projects a workshop guide to shapes Mark Baker
Turning mineatures in wood John Sainsbury
Understanding woodturning Ann / Bob Phillips
Illustrated woodturning techniques John Hunnex
Woodturning green wood with P E G Patrick Spielman
Woodturning techniques & projects you can make Better homes & gar.
Woodturning techniques Michael O’Donnell
Woodturning techniques best from woodturning mag Woodturning Mag.
Woodturning step by step O. Plant
Woodturning jewelery Hilary Bowen
Turning projects Richard Raffen
Learn to turn Barry Gross
Unique & unusual pens Shiffer
Two in one manual woodturning Phil Iron’s
Lathe fundamentals Rick Peters
Pens from the wood lathe Dick Sing
Woodturning a foundation course Keith Rowley
Woodturning a foundation course Keith Rowley
Turned bowl design Richard Raffen
Multi centre woodturning Ray Hopper
Woodturning full circle David Springett
Illustrated woodturning techniques John Hunnex
Pleasure & profit from woodturning Reg Sherwin


Woodcarving a foundation course A. Gertner
Woodcarving for beginers best from woodc. Mag Woodcarving Mag.
Woodcarving & numbers Mick Davies

Toy Making Books

Rocking horse maker Anthony Dew
Making wooden mechanical models A / G Bridgwater
Designing & making wooden toys Terry Kelly
How to make animated toys Wakefield
More of Blizzards Wooden toys New Richard Blizzzard
Making heirloom toys New Jim Makowiski

Craft Books

Making wood bowls Spielman / Roehi
Making little boxes from wood John Bennett
Country wheelwright Jocelyn Bailey
Country woodcrafts you can make Meredith books
Making shaker woodenware Kerry pierse
Woodcrafted gifts you can make Better homes & gar.
Green woodwork Mike Abbot
Green wood chairs Allison Osoina
Woodworkers joint book New Terrie Noll

Band Saw Books

Band-saw Projects Tom Crabb

Project Books

Book of woodworking Ellor Press
The resourceful woodworker Robert Wearing
Small furniture you can make Better homes & gar.
Mini-drill Fifteen projects John Everett
100 Weekend projects Good Woodworking
52 Country projects for the weekend woodworker
Electric woodwork
Woodworking with power tools New Alan / Gill Bridgwater
Chairmaking simplified New  

Table Saw Books

Success with table-saws New Michael Burton

Routing book’s

Projects for the router C. Chaffin / N. Engler
The art of the router Patrick Spielman
The incredible router Jeremy Broun
Router jigs & techniques Patrick Spielman
Ingenious shop aids & jigs G McCulloch
Ultimate guide to the router table New Bill Hylton
Maximise your router skills New Ken Burton