December 2015


Here we are at the years end, how time is flying and here am I reporting on another December meeting. We again had the pleasure of a demonstration by our old friend Joe O’Neill. Now Joe, dressed in his Christmas outfit, is always entertaining with both his skill and his jokes and this time was no exception, his patter is nonstop I think he breathes through his ears.

IMG_2777 IMG_2776 IMG_2771 IMG_2779 (2) (1) IMG_2774 IMG_2779 (2)This time he talked about recycling old turnings and showed us how he used an old turned chair leg and some waste pieces of oak into a very attractive table lamp. The four oak pieces he had were about 20mm thick and cut into diminishing circles starting at around 150mm to 100mm and glued on top of each other, as the chair leg was around 650mm long the withe and weight, provided a good firm base. Joe mounted this on a screw plate held in the chuck and proceeded to true up each tier and round off the top of each one. This done the next step was to cut a centre hole to take the tenon or spigot on the chair leg which was part of the next operation. The leg he had predrilled to take the wiring, (this been the upright stem,) was then mounted on the lathe and as the shape had already been formed only required a small amount of work to true and clean up. Next he cut the tenon to fit the hole in the base, taking care to get a nice snug fit then on to the top where he drilled and fitted the lamp holder. With a nice shade on top we had this very attractive table lamp to light up these dark days of winter. Thank you Joe you lit up my afternoon.

This been the festive season we had a raffle with some very drinkable prizes during our break and of course Tom Gibson, be hatted suitably for the occasion provided us with the traditional mince pies tea and coffee.

We then had the presentation to our woodturner of the year, who this year was Tom Murphy, second place went to Jim Hynes and following in third place was Jack O ’Rourke  congratulations to all.

The result of our monthly competition was as follows 1st Tom Murphy 2nd Chris Hayes and in 3rd place Pat Gannon.  In our novice competition the first place went to Anthony Murphy.

As this is the start of a new year let’s see more of you guys putting some of your work into the competition, otherwise why have a lathe if you won’t use it, so come on let’s see some new names on the score sheet.

All that remains is for me to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Pat Gannon