June 2016

Once again we had the pleasure of a demonstration by  Eddie Gorman from the Down chapter for our June meeting and this time Eddie choose to show us how to turn an off-centred winged bowl. For the benefit of any of our members who were unable to attend I have put up some photos of this and Eddie very helpfully had printouts with step by step instructions for everyone in the audience. If any of you guys want a copy contact me and I will get one to you. This also helps me as I don’t have to describe in too much detail how to achieve a result,  but briefly it was turned from a bowl blank of 200mm x 125 of spalted sycamore which was quite wet as it had only recently been cut down. Having first drilled a centred hole to take a screw chuck Eddie drilled a second one 10mm off the centre, then using the first hole Eddie mounted the blank on the lathe and proceeded to true up the piece using a 10mm bowl gouge, this will be the outer edge of the wing. The next step was to remount the blank on the second hole taking the blank off centre and Eddie started to shape the piece.            Now as I said I am not going through all the details of how he shaped and hollowed out this bowl, suffice to say Eddie skilfully produced a beautiful eye catching piece of work. Thank you very much Eddie for your demo and all the useful tips you gave us along the way, we all look forward to seeing you again.

Francis Corr our secretary informed us that the guild has set out a challenge to all chapters to produce a chess board and a set of chess pieces and the one adjudged to be the best will win a monetary prize, to go to the chapter of course.  Now Francis asked for volunteers to each turn different pieces and got a good response from the members present but anybody who was unable to attend and is interested should contact Francis.

It was then suggested we could all turn a sample pawn to bring to our July meet and for this there would be a small, (tax free) monetary prize for the best. This is of course separate from our normal competitions, size or timber can be any.

To this months competition results, in the senior 1st was Cecil Barron 2nd Pat Gannon and 3rd Tom Gibson.   The novice section 1st Frank Trappe  2nd Anthony Murphy

That’s all for this month except to thank Jack for the refreshments at our break in the absents of Tom our resident chef and thanks to all for attending.  See you all next month.


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Pat Gannon