December 2016

As usual the December meeting of our chapter had a festive air to it, (I’m told) and the demonstration was given by our own father Christmas in the form of Joe O’ Neill. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to the fact I was having a long awaited hip operation and I’m ghost-writing this for Frank Trappe who obligingly stepped into the breech to take the notes and let me know what went on. Joe it seems was in his usual form, cracking jokes as he went on to demonstrate the making of a candlestick turned from pieces of beech. The base was from a piece around 200mm in diameter and 5omm thick, the stem from a piece 250mm long and 80mm by 80mm. Then Joe, who was wearing a tartan hat a surgeon’s gown and mask, mounted the stem blank between centres and roughed out a cylinder, from there he shaped the stem with a spigot at the bottom to fit to the base, the top was drilled to take a candle cup. The next step was to turn the base from the 200mmx50mm blank and this he did very skilfully with a hole to take the spigot on the stem, joined the two together and there it was, a candlestick to grace the Christmas dinner table.
Then to the break with Tom Gibson doing the honours, (sorry I missed that, hope you kept some mince pies for me Tom.)
For the second part of the afternoon Joe demonstrated the making of a salt shaker, an ingenious piece of turning and very useful on the dining table and to quote Joe, anyone worth his salt can turn one, as I have described this on a previous occasion and I believe Joe handed out a printout to everyone in the audience I won’t repeat it.
I have been asked to give a mention and a congratulation to Jim Hynes for his success in the Guild seminar competition, a second and third in one section and a third in another, these can be seen in the December journal, well done Jim for setting a standard that I for one would strive to achieve.
That’s it for this month all that remains is for me to wish one and all a very happy Christmas and a happy and safe new year, I look forward to seeing you all in January.
Pat Gannon. Frank Trappe.