November 2017

Again, last Saturday at our meeting I was reminded how quick time flies, it was AGM time, not that I’m getting any older but it seems as if Christmas comes several times a year now. Sorry back to reality, the first part of the meeting was taken up with the business of electing a committee for the coming year and as the standing committee was prepared to carry on their good work they were elected unopposed. That is, Francis Corr as chairman, Chris Hayes, treasurer and Des Harbourne secretary, we owe these guys, a big thanks for the time and work they put in through the year, keeping things running smoothly. There are others too who help and give their time, Tom Gibson, Jim Hynes, Ciara Dowling, Simeon Ownes, Tom Murphy, Cecil Barron, Frank Trapp, and a few more who row in when needed. After that some time was spent discussing the coming year and what can be done to improve and promote the chapter, new members and visitors are always welcome.

After a short break Francis Corr took the floor to give us a demonstration and instructions on the use of the bandsaw, how to get the best results, and this can’t be emphasized enough, its safe use, apparently more workshop accidents occur with this machine than most others.

Francis showed us the different components of the machine, various types of blade, how to fold and store them and to adjust the line and tension. Next was some tips on its use, crosscutting branch wood with a jig made up of two strips of wood cut at forty-five degrees, I know these as angle fillets, strapped together with a piece of ply to form a vee into which you sit your log or any rounded piece of timber. Also, invaluable in cutting bowl blanks from split logs or planks as Francis demonstrated. Thank you, Francis, for a knowledgably demonstration on the use of this versatile machine.