March 2018


Dave Sweeney took the stage as our demonstrator at our March meeting and though confessing to be a bit rusty due to lack of recent practice showed himself to be a skilled turner. Dave had two pieces to show us, a cake stand and an interesting three-legged bullet shaped bowl, more of which later. Firstly, the cake stand, which was made up of three sections, a base, stem or pillar and a top plate, all of which were turned in spalted beech. A mistake I always make in writing these reports is not having taken accurate dimensions but the photos show the proportions so the size will depend on how big a cake or cakes you like to serve. Dave started with the top plate mounting it on a screw chuck working inwards leaving a small upstanding rim, facing it with a bowl gouge and finishing with a wide nosed scraper. Here Dave spoke about how finishing with scrapers was coming back in fashion and if properly used could produce a fine finish needing little sanding. Then on with the pillar, held between centres, nicely shaped, with a small tenon at each end to fit holes drilled in the base and plate and finally turning the base. When assembled they made a very nice cake stand, I look forward to an invitation to afternoon tea.

The other piece I mentioned earlier was the bullet shaped bowl which I liked very much, I think I would describe it more as an artistic work, almost sculptural, standing on three legs, one shorter than the others giving the top edge a slight tilt, well that’s how I saw it but judge for yourselves from the photos.  Now Dave didn’t turn this on Saturday but had brought it along to show us the jigs he had made to position and drill for the legs, it is something I would like to try. Thank you very much Dave for your time and a good demonstration, no doubt we will see you again soon.

I must give a mention to our seminar which comes up next month, April the 14th, the demonstrators for the day are Pat Carroll and Charlie Ryan, then throw in a trade stand, a hot lunch, a raffle, and an open competition with cash prizes, (that, should bring in the entries) and you have the ingredients for a great day with plenty of craic, so, come along lads and lassies and support your chapter.

The competition results are as follows.  In first place Jim Hynes 2nd Tom Gibson and 3rd Pat Gannon.

First place in the novice section was Shay Clarke.

That’s it for now, I hope to see you all at the seminar, until then work safe.

Pat Gannon.