July 2018


Michael Fay from the Dublin chapter was the guest demonstrator for our July meeting and Michael had set up his lathe with a shadow jig to turn spheres, I have seen various methods of turning spheres but this was the first time I had seen this particular one in practice. To put it simply these are turned between centres with a base board sitting on the lathe bed, on this a sheet of drawing paper is laid and a line is drawn (plumb down) along the line of the centre points. Depending on the size of the sphere to be turned a centre point is marked along this line and a circle is scribed slightly bigger than the sphere. A small light is suspended directly above this point and the blank is mounted between the centres, in this case a cylinder about 100mm in diameter. The paper template must be close under the blank and secured, then with a spindle gouge the sphere is shaped, as the wood is cut away and with your eye on the template you can see the shape by the shadow on the paper, you work watching the shadow and finishing the cut just inside the circle. The final part is to remove the spigots at each end and this is done either by cutting them down to a very fine point and slicing them off or remounting the sphere between two cup centres. Michael explained that turning the sphere for him was just the beginning of a process, reworking the piece into something else, leaving that to our imagination and then finished the demonstration by turning some eggs, again, using a shadow jig. Thank you, Michael for an interesting afternoon we look forward to seeing you again.

Pat Gannon.

The result of the monthly competition, the subject, a goblet with captive rings.  1st place went to Chris Hayes 2nd to Jack O’ Rourke 3rd Kevin Milton.  In the novice section 1st Shay Clarke 2nd Sean Murry.

That’s it for this month, look forward to seeing you all in August, when I am told we are having a barbeque, can’t wait to see Tom Gibson in a chef’s hat.  Untill then be good and work safe.