August 2018 – Summer BBQ


We held our August meeting on Saturday last the 11th and our guest demonstrator for the day was the welsh wizard, Albert Harrison, who entertained us for the day with his magic, both on the lathe and with his card tricks. Albert had brought with him a selection of his work which he put on display and my eye immediately fell on his beautifully turned cats and ducks. These are fun pieces turned in yew and it was these figures that Albert demonstrated how he turned and finished them. The turning is quite easy, well Albert made it look like that, using a roughing chisel then a skew, it looked so easy in his hands. I will include a photo of the hand out Albert gave us, it gives all the dimensions, the yew he used was very effective, in the colouring I mean, I’m sure with a bit of imagination other timbers can look just as good, try it. Albert also turned a lidded box in spalted birch (I think) and gave us some very good tips, for instance, on how to get a snug fitting lid, something I always have trouble with.

I have to say Alberts card tricks are amazing, these were preformed under the scrutiny of a camera projected onto a large screen and I can only say they were magic. Thank you, Albert for a very entertaining day, with your wit, your turning and your magic, thank you, I know we all look forward to seeing you again.

This was a special meeting as it was extended and we had a BBQ lunch, A big thanks to Shay Clarke, (a retired chef) who came up trumps with a lovely variety of cooked meats and salads. We also had during our lunch break a musical interlude with Joe O’Neill and Christy Glynn playing the accordion. Thanks to all who organised the day and to members and friends from the other chapters who supported it.

Pat Gannon.


The monthly competition results are as follows, 1st, Jack O’ Rourke, 2nd Chris Hayes, 3rd Cecil Barron, in the novice section 1st was Sean Murry 2nd Shay Clarke.

That’s all for this month, hope to see you all in September, until then, keep the lathes turning and work safe.