A monthly competition is held each month from December to November, it is open to all members and members of other chapters subject to the rules below. The subjects for remainder of the  year are as follow

 well thats it for the 2018/19 competition Chris Hayes wins Advanced  117 pts and Cathal Ryan wins Novice 148 pts. A new competition begins in December with the usual subject of a christmas item.

November  Pair of Candlesticks 

Jim Hynes9591315
Pat Gannon1515
Tom Gibson6111151313
Chris Hayes11715915
Seamus O’Rielly4613
Kevin Milton3511
Cecil Barron467
Joe O’Neill1111
Shay Clarke104159
Jim Casin4611
Sean Murray9
Cathal Ryan15815151515
Tom Jordan26
Kevin Mc loughlin261313
Anthony Murphy13

Jim Hynes13151515
Pat Gannon
Tom Gibson9
Chris Hayes111313131315
Seamus O’Rielly71511
Kevin Milton1113
Cecil Barron15915
Shay Clarke131513131115
Jim Casin1311
Sean Murray9
Cathal Ryan151513151515
Tom Jordan1313
Kevin Mc loughlin

Open Seminar April Results

1st Kevin Milton

2nd Cathal Ryan

3rd Seamus O’Reilly


Competition Rules

To ensure fairness and encourage participation the committee drew up the following rules which were approved by members at the December 2011 meeting.

Acceptance of an entry in the competition is conditional on acceptance of the following rules.

  1. The committee’s decision on all matters relating to the competition is final and binding.
  2. The competition is for members of the East Central Chapter only, although members of other Chapters may affiliate to East Central on payment of €18 and become eligible to enter our competitions.
  3. Items by visiting Guild members that are ineligible for the competition may be displayed on the day. Open events are available of course to all Guild members.
  4. One entry per person is allowed although other items may be displayed.
  5. The specification for each competition will be made known at least one month in advance
  6. Entries to the competition must be original, the work of the member submitting the piece and without any identification marks.
  7. Competition items must not have been entered in a previous East Central monthly competition.
  8. Judging will be done, as far as possible, by the demonstrator unless he or she has submitted an entry and is a member of this Chapter. In the latter case the committee will make alternative arrangements
  9. Each entry will be awarded 5 points. The winner will receive an additional 10 points and the remainder as follows:  second 8 points, third 6, and fourth 4, fifth 2, and sixth 1.
  10. To determine the overall winner for the year the accumulation of the monthly scores to a maximum of 10 months will be totted up. Should anyone have entered  more than 10 times the lowest of the scores will be ignored to bring the total entries back to 10
  11. The monthly winner and yearly overall winner will each receive a certificate