May 2018

For our May meeting we had the services of Adrian Finley the woodcarver who gave a very good demonstration on the use of carving tools and the techniques used in different types of carving. The first question everyone asks is, what wood is best for carving, well the simple answer is, all wood can be used, it depends on the type of carving you wish to do. For work involving fine detail a timber which has short tight fibers like lime, is ideal, after that it will depend on the type of carving you wish to tackle. As to the tools, Adrian had quite a selection from knives to gouges and carpenters’ chisels and he demonstrated how these are used safely, the important thing to always have the work piece held securely as in a vice or clamp and keep both hands behind the blade of whatever tool you are using. Adrian went on to show us how to mark out patterns and using a knife, the cuts to use to bring them out of the wood. He had some very interesting pieces on display, relief carvings of which I have shown in the photos and we learned how simple carving can enhance turned items as in furniture. All in all, an interesting demonstration of one of the oldest woodcrafts which we should add to our try out list. Thank you, Adrian, we can look forward to seeing some more of your skills in the future.

Pat Gannon

The results of the monthly competition as follows. In the advanced section 1st Jim Hynes, 2nd Chris Hayes, 3rd Seamus O’ Reilly.  In the novice section 1st Cathal Ryan 2nd Tom Jordan 3rd Shay Clarke.

That’s all for this month, looking forward to seeing you all in June, till then Work safe