October 2019


The guest demonstrator for our October meeting unfortunately had to cancel a short time before our meet, but Francis Corr and Tom Murphy stepped into the breech and despite such a short time to prepare managed to give a good and varied demonstration. Francis took the first half showing us how to successfully turn a lidded box with finial, not always an easy job. With a yew blank of around 75mmx75mm Francis turned a cylinder, then marked a length of about 100mm to be the height of the box. He then shaped a dome at the top and before parting off the lid which in this instance was about a fifth of the length, drilled a hole to take the finial. When parting off a lid for a box one always tries to use the finest parting tool so as not to lose the line of the grain and again when forming the spigot and socket to hold the lid in place, trying to achieve a snug fit. Needless to say, Francis was on the money on both of these points. The only thing left was to turn the finial and this was quickly done in a black wood, a nice contrast to the yew.  Thank you, Francis, for your demonstration and the useful tips along the way.

After the break Tom took the stage and propelled us forward in time, to Christmas, early you think well no, time to turn out all those tree decorations which are often left to the last minute and sometimes never get done. In pictures and in words Tom showed us a variety of very attractive items which are quite simple to turn (or at least Tom made it seem that way) and along with tips as to where the materials are available. Christmas trees, snowmen, or snowpersons, to be politically correct, bells etc, the photos tell the story. So, get turning and earn some brownie points at home, I always think wooden or any handcrafted decorations are really in the spirit of Christmas.

Thanks, Tom for an entertaining demonstration, as always.

Pat Gannon

In our monthly competition the results were as follows, in the advanced section, 1st Chris Hayes 2nd Tom Gibson 3rd Joe O’Neill.

Novice section 1st Cathal Ryan 2nd Anthony Murphy 3rd Jim Cashin and 4rd Shay Clarke.

Thanks lad, for your entries, these competitions help improve the standard of our turning and induce us to try harder, so come on and lets see more entries in the coming year any one of you could be turner of the year.

That’s it for now, till November, keep well and work safe.